Human 0011

ID : 0011

Human: Saqiba Tariq Durrani

Country: AJK, Pakistan

Domain: Information Technology Specialist , Cyber-Security Analysis and Research

Job Profile: Researcher, Educationalist , Freelancer

In the enthralling Arabian folktales , there are several mentions of Peri/Pari (پری ), the western equivalent of fairies. Such a doe-eyed ‘Pari‘ had attended this cyber-security discussion forum and enchanted half of the attendees with her knowledge and wit.

There is a saying that people walk into our lives not by chance but for a reason . Such is the story of our next human in the series : Saqiba Durrani, a motivated educationist, Information Technology major and Cybersecurity System researcher from the foothills of the Himalayas at AJK in Pakistan. She glided into our lives and left us completely in awe of her existence. Some people just have that ‘دلکش’ or charm to affect lives.

Her name in Urdu translates to a luminous source and she wasn’t very far off from her namesake. This spirited young woman is not your run-of-the-mill technologist, she has been contributing far more for her community and homeland than most of us could ever fathom. From an IT specialist to a cyber security researcher, she has dabbled in all sorts of domains. She recently joined her alma mater as the new vice-principal and has been illuminating the cause of women’s rights and equality in education for ages. Shining her luminous light on a path that few dare to tread on.

Human 0011

Ponder upon the universe .. and think

Saqiba D, 2022

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  1. Shahbaz RK says:

    Saqiba Durrani indeed is a very brilliant human in IT and as a friend she is a real “pari”.
    I have always believed she would find her way to serve this nation with what she is best at.
    Saqiba believes in “purpose” and “outcome” in the best interest of the nation and has always been thinking in a truly patriotic sense.
    I wish you a very successful and happy life.
    A strong woman like Saqiba knows she has strength enough for the journey, and as a woman of strength she always knew it is in the journey where she could become strong.
    She would rather regret the risks that didn’t work out than the chances she didn’t take at all. She did her best and to the fullest, but IT market inside the countey has a very tough experience based job placement criterias and thats where the chaos almost stopped her from persuing towards getting at the best position to serve the nation ( I mean it). I am glad that she loved and care for herself too because that’s when the best comes out.”
    IT Market outreachers and the firms are in dire need to look at fixing the flaws and related things that made vanish the league of fresh players with talent from the cast-cum-backfooting pavilion..

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