Human 0010

ID: 0010

Human : Ahmed H

Country : Baghdad, Iraq

Domain: System Administration, Cybersecurity ,Medical Engineering

Job Profile: Medical Device Engineer

It was a summer ago when we were introduced to this incredible human in a Linux Group. Clouds of smoke filled the room from his vape. This young Iraqiyyun with his sense of humor would bring in resounding laughter from any crowd around him. He still grimaces whenever I would call him out and tell me, its ‘A-ha-med’ not ‘Aa-hmed’. Then he would gesture to me to roll my tongue and stress on the ‘ha’. I am rather surprised that he hasn’t given up on me yet.

So, here’s introducing our next human in the series.

Ahmed Hamid, a young-twenty something medical device engineer in the making, and here he was each day, filling out forms and sometimes handing out tongue-in-cheek advice to very demanding patients in one of the busiest hospitals in the city. And that’s how I met our next human, the young flamboyant Ahmed with a wicked sense of humor and a love for vaping. He was as Gen-Y as one can get, but beneath the exterior, there was this awfully kind human that has seen way more in life than any one of us could ever imagine. 

Introducing Human 0010

‘Al-Ayylaa hei qowa

Ahmed H, 2022

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