Human 0001

ID : 0001

Human : Adonis Simo

Country: Cameroon

Domain: Cloud Engineering , Full stack development

Job Profile: Tech Product Manager, Community Leader and Mentor

It’s Valentine’s Day across the world and it was a unanimous decision taken by the team at ‘Finding Humans in tech’ to finally realize a project so dear to us for so long.

This was our ode to the Tech Community that has given us so much more than our professions. Every one of us started out somewhere, fascinated by a technology that goes beyond any imaginable barriers. So, it had to be today- a day where we celebrate who and what we love.

Introducing our first human

So here we are introducing our first human in the series. A dashing cloud engineer from the Central African country of Cameroon. In the world of Greek Mythology, the name ‘Adonis‘ has references to the mythical God of beauty and desire. He wasn’t just as stunning as his namesake, but also a wonderfully kind mentor and one of the coolest techies you would meet in a town. He navigates the world of cloud engineering and product management flawlessly.

Introducing Human 0001

La vie c’est devant

Adonis Simo, 2022

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