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TechLit Africa
P.O. Box 455
Shabbona, Illinois

Techlit Africa

The TechLit in TechLit Africa is short for Technologically Literate. When TechLit was founded in 2018, the main goal was to foster a more technologically literate Africa.

Nelly Cheboi and Tyler Cinnamon met at their first software engineering jobs in Chicago in 2016. Nelly is a deeply driven native Kenyan who learned software engineering after taking an undergraduate scholarship in the United States. Tyler is an ambitious self-taught programmer who grew up immersed in technology.

In 2019, they both quit their lucrative tech jobs and relocated to Kenya to figure out ways to leverage the digital economy and unlock global opportunities for rural Africans. As a couple and software engineers, they believe that adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer.

They are currently expanding to more schools in Kenya. If you would like to have TechLit in your community in Kenya, contact Techlit Africa on WhatsApp+254 758 462 122

Nelly Cheboi, Co-founder / CEO, Techlit Africa

“It takes little to create an impact”

-Nelly Cheboi, CEO, Techlit Africa